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Associate Financial Advisor

Job Description

The ideal candidate will deliver personalized investment solutions to help clients work toward and achieve their long-term financial goals. They should be comfortable creating financial plans and cross checking work to ensure complete accuracy of information. The candidate will assist in daily business operations and deliver a unique client experience that aligns with the mission of AMICUS Wealth Partners.


  • Provide financial planning and account management support to clients
  • Gather and analyze client data with accuracy
  • Develop a client acquisition plan that includes contacting prospects to set up meetings/ appointments
  • Implement marketing activities such as networking through seminars and events
  • Assess clients' risk tolerance, goals, time frame and recommend portfolio solutions
  • Execute appropriate trades for proposed portfolios
  • Monitor economy, markets and world events to determine strategic rebalancing
  • Conduct transactions on behalf of the clients


  • Bachelor's degree in Finance or related field
  • 1+ years' of industry experience
  • Strong understanding of the investment business
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent ability to communicate with clients


  • Financial Services
  • Financial Planning
  • Communication
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Money Management
  • Investments
  • Financial Analysis
  • Stock Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Interpersonal Skills

Employment Type

  • Full-time

Job Functions

  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Sales

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